3 Reel Slots Casino Games

3 Reel Slots are very famous and familiar to every gambler. How to recognize this type of slots among others? The first and the main distinctive feature of this type is a number of rows with wild numbers and symbols. If there are three rows it means this slot is a 3 Reel Game.

3 Reel Slots are the classic variation of casino games. You can find these slots in any retro casino and even in real-life gambling establishments.

Nowadays, there are many other slot variations with the different number of rows. You may think that more complicated games with more rows are more interesting and can bring more winning combination. There’s sense, however, 3 Reel Slots still stay the most popular and common casino entertainments. There are at least 3 reasons for this:

  1. Simple Concept
    The simple concept of a game doesn’t mean it is boring or too plain. However, it means that it’s quite easy to understand how to play, to learn the basic rules of the game and to start winning. This fact is especially attractive for newbies who can start playing 3 Reel Slots online without any tutorial or special preparation. Experienced players also choose this type of slots, because it’s easy and fast to gamble this way.
  2. Nostalgic Associations
    Free 3 Reel Slot games have been played for decades and not only in online casinos. A lot of people play slots that remind them about old times when they visited Vegas or any other real-life casino. It’s always nice to play something familiar and well-known. At the same time, an old gaming style is improved with excellent software, bright animation, nice sound, and visual effects. What a nice opportunity to enjoy endless-classic traditions and comfortable innovative approach in one!
  3. Diversity of Games
    There’s a great number of 3 Reel Slots. The collection of slots with three rows is probably the most numerous among all casino games. You can easily find some classic variations, popular retro games and exclusive slots created recently.

History Of 3 Reel Slots

The first 3 Reel Slot Machine appeared around a century ago. It was constructed by Charles Fey an immigrant from Bavaria who came to San Francisco.

At that time, gambling was very popular, however, it was primitive and very simple. First machines accepted coins and could start spinning automatically, but in the case of winning the prize was given by a person.

Fey was first who managed to make the whole process automatic, His first slot machine was called Horseshoe. His second machine with an intriguing name 4-11-44 brought fame and lots of money to the inventor.

Lately, Frey improved the slot machine, creating Liberty Bell – first 3 Reel Slot that became a prototype of all currently existing 3 Reel Slot Machines.

It’s interesting that the principles, concept, and rules of the game stayed unchanged over the years.

Best 3 Reel Slots Games

Ready to enjoy some of the best free 3 Reel Slots right now? Check the collection of online 3 Reel Slots that we selected for our site. Enjoy excellent software and great wins!

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