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If you spined slots a couple of times, you could notice that the greatest amount of modern slots have 3 rows. However, there are also more complex and more innovative slots that have 5 rows. They are called 5 Reel Slots.

Which preferences it has:

  • More odds and wins
    Machines with 5 reels are more complicated. It’s not as easy to win, as when you play a slot with three rows. However, the price of your winning is times higher. Free 5 Reel Slots give you a chance to win great jackpots and incredible wins. The games’ developers also added some odds to the modern 5 Reel Slots to increase your chances to earn more money and to get pleasant bonuses. If you have even a little experience in playing slots, you will evaluate all great pros that these games give you!
  • More interesting concept
    The classic game concept is still popular and interesting. However, playing 3 reel slots for a while, you may feel bored. Free 5 Reel Slot games brings you some new emotions and experience. You may need extra time to get used to play this type of slots or to learn some simple rules. At the same time, playing these slots, you feel more entertained and intrigued.
  • Fresher approach
    Classic games created in the best traditions of offline casinos are good. However, it looks like innovative casino entertainments are even more interesting and bright. Slots with 5 rows are new games’ generation and present improved concept, innovative quality, great sound and visual effects created with the help of newest technologies. These games are more spectacular and exciting!

It’s hard to imagine a modern online casino without 5 Reel Slots with their fascinating design, great jackpots, and attractive wins.

History Of 5 Reel Slots

At the time when 3 reel slots are considered to be the prototype of the oldest popular slot machines, slots with five rows appeared first. Almost 100 years ago, when first gambling machines were very simple, you could discover 5 Reel Slots machines existing only.

However, the first attempts of creating 5 Reel Slots and making them popular failed! The game was too complicated and wins were too rare. It was almost impossible to win anything playing early 5 Reel Slots. Inventors of that time had to change the machines by those with three rows to attract people and to make gambling simpler.

Modern developers came back to the concept over decades. Innovative 5 Reel Slots online are still more complex and more difficult to win, comparing to plain 3 Reel Slots. However, today’s casinos decided the issue easily, adding more odds and bonuses to the games and rising up the price of the wins.

5 Reel Slots have never been more attractive than now. It’s still not easy to get the jackpot or a huge prize, however, you often get some pleasant bonuses and payouts.

Best 5 Reel Slots Games

Looking for an opportunity to enjoy the best slots with 5 reels? Our expert team has selected great games with different design and entertaining content for you. Choose some classical variations or freshly-baked games from most creative developers!

Canadian 5 Reel Slots Casino Games

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