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Playing scratch cards seems to be not exciting – you get the cards with the special layer, scratch it off and find out if you win. Really, sounds trivial. But nevertheless playing scratch cards games brings so much fun whether you play with real cards or with virtual ones in online casino.

In order to play and to win you don’t have to spend hours studying difficult rules or watch the opponents trying to foresee their next steps. Maybe because of this some people don’t think that scratch cards games are gambling. Poker is gambling, blackjack is, but scratch cards aren’t. You just get the card, scratch it and win! The truth is that scratch cards online aren’t as popular as craps or blackjack, for example, but nevertheless scratch cards games gain more and more fans. The simplicity of the game multiplied by good payouts makes it so popular. And the excitement of the moment when you are going to scratch the layer or press the button if we talk about online casino is something unforgettable. The heart starts beating faster and you feel the huge jackpot can be won… And thanks to the modern technologies and Internet you can feel that excitement without going out for buying the cards. Play with our casino and you will experience that feeling of excitement sitting at home in your cozy armchair.

Scratch Cards Games

There is no variety of scratch cards games. All of the cards you can buy in shops or that are suggested in different online casinos have the same gaming principle. They can only differ with design, price and suggested payouts. The rest is based on the same base. Do you think it isn’t interesting and you need some good reasons to play scratch cards online? Here they are:

  • It’s quick and easy – you can feel the excitement and win just in seconds without making any efforts. You don’t have to wait until the round is finished or results of the lottery are announced.
  • It’s cheap – usually the price of the scratch card isn’t high, but nevertheless you can claim your prize.
  • Good chances for good prizes – some casinos like Gratorama Canada or Casino La Vida suggest really huge jackpots and they surely need to be won. Maybe by you! Go for it!

So, all the advantages of online scratch cards are now clear for you and you are going to try. Surely, you need some tips how to win more often. Do you think it is impossible to affect fortune? Maybe you are right and no one can provide the blueprint for you, but it is definitely possible to make fortune more favorable. Here there are the tips:

  • Check how big is jackpot. Yeah, huge numbers are so attractive and alluring, but they mean that the chance to win at least something will be minimal. Find the game where jackpot is less, and the change to win will be more real.
  • Don’t make big bets. Of course, you can feel you are going to win jackpot today, but what if you are mistaken? Decide how much you can spend for bets (daily or weekly) in order to play and to stay your financial course.
  • Stay self-consistent. Find out what is better for you – to buy bigger number of cheaper cards or try to win with several cards that are more expensive. Don’t swing from one extreme to another.
  • Enjoy the game and stay positive. There is nothing better than fun combined with winning the prizes.

It might be interesting: the biggest prize that was won in scratch cards was hold by UK pub manager Amadou Gillen. It was about £4 millions. But who knows who will be the next lucky man.

Scratch Cards History

They are loved by many people and they are played by everyone, but only a few people know about the origin of scratch cards. When we speak about them, we suppose them to be the kind of lottery tickets. But really scratch cards are closer to gambling games.

When did they appear in our life?

Scratch cards started their victory march when they started to be used in US state lottery, approximately in 1980. Scratch cards captivated lots of people almost in all the states between one breath and another. Their low price and simple game principles make people fall in love with them, so very quickly scratch cards became one of the most popular gambling games. Far back in 1980 it was like a real wonder to scratch that strange silver layer and to see what is hidden behind it. Adults as well as kids were charmed with new pieces of cardboard covered with magic silver. The more time had passed, the more popular became scratch cards. They became the part of national lottery; they were printed in vast numbers, lots of charity organizations decided to play this and started to print scratch cards for their own giving campaigns. Private companies started to advertise their products with the help of scratch cards also printing them and giving for free to attract new clients. And even now when everything is used in digital apps and is bought in Internet scratch cards are quickly bought up in grocery shops or in other points of sale.

 How to Play Scratch Cards

As it was mentioned above several times, there is nothing special in playing scratch cards. You buy the card, you scratch the card. Exactly because of this magic scratching some people don’t understand how exciting it can be to play scratch cards online. Knowing about this different online casinos suggest lots of attractions for those who decided to try. They compete with each other in picturesqueness of interfaces, suggest variety of real sounds, and give chances to win good prizes. So, you will appear in the wonderful and colorful world of gambling games as soon as you begin to play.

How to win?

Of course, you are to start with scratching the top layer. Everyone knows how to do it with read cards and with online one the system is almost the same. The player has to move the mouse to imitate scratching motion or just to press the button to see what is hidden. The card wins if there are three same symbols in it. The bet that was made by player is won in full if there are three 1x symbols in the card. If you have three 2x same symbols your bet is doubled and if you were lucky enough to find three 3x same symbols, you win 5 times your bet and so on. The higher is the symbol’s rate, the bigger is the prize.

This kind of online games gains more popularity day by day. It can be a good and fun break during working day or nice pastime in the evening. And it seems that the main advantage in scratch cards games is that it isn’t necessary to wait for lottery results. Humans’ nature is impatient and instant result is something that is important.

Where to play?

There are plenty of online casinos nowadays, for example Scratchmania etc. It became very popular to play favorite gambling game without going out anywhere, but staying at home in front of computer or laptop. Different casinos suggest different kinds of scratch cards of different perfection, so it depends on your own tastes if you prefer this or that casino.

Join our online casino and you will find the most attractive scratch cards games, real prizes, pleasant sounds and friendly atmosphere.

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