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Everyone knows those three things that can bring great pleasure in short time – ‘sex, drugs and rock-n-roll’. Of course, it is better to do without drugs, but this harmful point it can be easily replaced by playing gambling games. Yes, thrill of the competition will bring you the same pleasure and excitement and it is something that makes people do crazy things. Good as well as bad.

Gambling games had been played from the beginning of time, are played nowadays and will be played in future. There were periods of the history when they were forbidden but even then their popularity never went down. Craps, blackjack, keno, scratch cards, bingo, Sic Bo and other games make people from all the world crazy for them. Let’s take the closer look at Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is the ancient Chinese game and it has some common features with craps, but of course, it has some specific features also. Gaming principles of Sic Bo are very simple and even gambling newcomer will succeed with them. There are three dice in Sic Bo; all of them are marked with numbers from one to six. The player has to make one of possible bets and after it is done everything is in the lap of the luck – dealer will throw the dice and if the result matches the bet, player wins, if not – looses. If the player decides to change the bet while dice is throwing, he risks getting the premonition and losing the bet. So, one should think well before placing the bet.

In some games the dice can be thrown by players, in others – by dealers, but after a lot of claims of those who weren’t satisfied with their losses, most casinos started to use poppers for throwing dice. Popper is a special device that looks like glass balloon. Dealer puts the dice inside of ballon where they are mixed with the help of electric influence. Nowadays poppers are used to play Sic Bo almost in all casinos.

Those who prefer cumulative jackpots or bonus rounds will be disappointed with Sic Bo a bit – there are such options there. But upon a closer view it becomes clear that in Sic Bo bet’s maximum gain can be determined as 180:1 – because of this huge jackpots aren’t even needed.

From the first sight Sic Bo table may seems difficult for understanding. But really there is nothing extraordinary as all the bets are simple and clear for understanding. All of them we will examine below.

Sic Bo Games

Really there is no Sic Bo games variety. But the game itself is a variant of well-liked craps game. But according to modern factors it is possible to pick out just a few variants of Sic Bo games:

  • Grand Hazard. Is a variant of Sic Bo Game that can be found not only in online, but also in land casinos. It is played with three dice also, but the main difference is in the list of the bets. The principle of the game remains the same.
  • Chuck-a-Luck is a successor of Grand Hazard game and despite of the same game principle it also differs with the variety of bets only.
  • Traditional Sic Bo Game. It is played in land casinos for real money. The advantages of traditional gambling games are that special unique atmosphere, thrill of the competition in the air, real people with their charm (but sometimes quite the contrary) you pay with. Nothing can be compared with the smell of tables’ layouts, feeling of games pieces in hands and the scent of success you can smell in the air.
  • Online Sic Bo game. It keeps up with the times and even this ancient Chinese game became the part of digital world. Now it can be found in the majority of online casinos that suggest different interfaces, bonuses and offer other gambling carrots to those who decide to join them. Of course, playing online Sic Bo game you won’t be able to listen to cries of admiration or sorrow, see a lot of bright lights, but here there are some special advantages of online games: you don’t have to travel anywhere; you can always stay where you are comfortable wearing comfortable clothes, drinking or eating what you want. You can enjoy your favorite game without any rash, noise or additional travel expenses.

Sic Bo History

The history of gambling games had been studied as serious as any other historical episode. So, together with excavations’ details it is possible to say that dice game was ancestor of all the gambling games that came after. Even etymologically the word ‘gambling’ is connected with the word ‘dice’ in different languages.

Sic Bo is ancient Chinese game. The word combination ‘Sic Bo’ means ‘dice pair’. What an antinomy – thee dice are used in the game! The history of Sic Bo started when Chinese sailors represented seaport dwellers the new dice game. It became very popular in China, but the rest of the world didn’t have the possibility to see its real value because China was closed and isolated country during many centuries. Sic Bo traveled around Europe so slowly and to America it was brought by early Chinese emigrants who wanted to save some own traditions in spite of their wish to live in another country. But even then it was played in narrowed circles, so really popular the Sic Bo game became only in early 2000 when it became available almost in all the casinos. After gaining such huge popularity Sic Bo was made online entertainment also, so now it can be easily played both in land and online casinos.

How to Play Sic Bo

As it was promised before, now we are to examine the main rules and bets in Sic Bo. When one sees the Sic Bo table for the first time, it might seem to be really complicated for understanding. But there are only seven types of bets and all of them are rather simple. Let’s study each of them:

  • Single Dice Bet. Placing it the player should choose one of numbers from 1 to 6. If the chosen number is on one of the dice, player is paid 1:1, if it appears on two dice the payout will be 2:1, if on three – 3:1.
  • Dice Combination Bet. The player bets on any possible number combinations on dice. For example, you bet on 4 and 5 and you win if numbers shown on dice are 4, 2 and 5. The payout will be 6:1.
  • Specific Double Bet. The player bets on any number from 1 to 6, but in order to win the chosen number should appear on two dice. This time the player will be paid 11:1 payout. If that specific number is on three dice at the same time, the payout will be raised until 30:1.
  • Specific Triples Bet. It is one of the most profitable bets, but also the most risky one. As it is already clear, the player chooses number from one to six and prays it appears on all three dice at the same time. If it becomes true, the winner will get 180:1 payout.
  • Any Triple Bet. It means that the player can bet on triple without the need to guess what exact number will be thrown out. The payout is 31:1.
  • Small and Big Bets. Small bet wins if the sum of dice points is from 4 to 10 and the big one – from 11 to 17. Placing these bets newcomer minimizes the risks, but another feature should be mentioned: the bet doesn’t work when some triples are thrown down (numbers 3 and 18 aren’t into the rate). But statistical probability of those triples are very low – less than 1,5%, so small and bit bets can be named the most popular in Sic Bo.
  • Tree Dice Total Bet. The player bets for the sum on those tree dice. One the variants can be chosen: 4 or 17, 5 or 16, 6 or 15, 7 or 14, 8 or 13, 9 or 12, 10 or 11.

Why do people play gambling games?

Of course, it starts to be very exciting while reading about payouts like 180:1. Everyone wants to earn $360 after spending just $2. People like easy earnings and it is natural, there is nothing shameful in that. But the same time the player should always remember that gaming addiction is alike drug one and is the illness that should be treated.

  • Be gambling and risky, but never let the game to become the owner of your life.
  • Don’t let the game to replace the main live aspects. Never forget that those who love you need your time more than any games.
  • Remember – prevention is always better than cure.

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