Multi-hand Gold

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Multi Hand Gold may seem strange game for newbies, but experienced gamblers know what it is. This is a traditional Blackjack also known as its European version that provides players with 2 ordinary decks of playing cards with 52 cards in each.

In general Multi Hand Gold is quite similar to classic Blackjack. It will make your life much easier if you have played this traditional card game before. The main difference is in numbers of players allowed to sit at the virtual table. Such small thing can change gameplay a lot and bring you additional turns.

People like to play Multi Hand Gold because this game proposes everyone numerous benefits. Just look at such advantages: well-known rules, traditional casino graphics, easy strategies, an ability to have multiple gameplay. That’s why players who aspire to earn money tend to try this Blackjack variant and never miss a chance to have fun. If you are one of them, then you need to make 2 steps: get acquainted with rules of gameplay and find the best casino to gamble. Let’s do both your task right now.

How To Play Multi Hand Gold

When you launch Multi Hand Gold online you are able to pick up the amount of gamers at the table. This game allows choosing from 1 to 5 hands. Here is a wide array of bet types. For instance, player can place any bet from $1 to $200.

The game starts with shuffling cards. This job belongs to dealer who plays a great role in gameplay. Then he deals with facing-up one card. If there are 17 points he stands. This is a time when hands with score from 9 to 11 can double their bets.

Notice that player also can split cards with same value. For instance, if you have 2 Aces, 2 Kings, etc. But you are not allowed to split more than once in one gameplay. The wager increasing after this action is also prohibited. Here is another exception in splitting: cards with 10 points are not allowed to be split.

To win in this game you must gather 21 points which are also called Blackjack. For instance, having one 10-value card and one Ace will automatically bring you victory. In case you got 22 and more points you will bust and lose in this hand. In this case it doesn’t matter what score the dealer has. But when dealer finds himself trapped in a bind and bust then all your hands (without busted) will win. In this case your score on each hand also doesn’t matter.

In case the dealer does not bust, then the general score of his hand is compared to all your non-busted hands. As a result the player with the higher amount of points wins. There is also could be a situation when no one wins or loses money. It happens when player and dealer have the same hand value.

Multi Hand Gold Gaming Experience

This game has a standard high RTP level. In general your regular chances for victory is 50%. Besides, each blackjack victory brings a player money in 3:2, when the other hands get 2:1 reward. Well, we are definitely able to increase our financial status in this game.

Because of ability to choose five hands in gameplay you will be encouraged a lot. Such possibility makes customers feel to be in a real casino, where they play with unknown people and attractive dealer. When there are a lot of people at the table you will be more exciting and interested.

There is no Multi Hand Gold option we haven’t tried. Our players adore to test different features and share with customers. So you can find out more information about Multi Hand Gold at topcasinocanda. We are expert in gambling and can bring you real profit in the future!

In general Blackjack is simple, but favorite card game for numerous players. They may have great experience, won great jackpots, but always come back to Multi Hand Gold for real joy in gambling.

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