Online Casino Deposit Methods Guide

Online casinos are comfortable places for passionate players. No matter where you are or how busy your day is, you always have a chance to enjoy paid or free casino games, to relax or to add some money bonuses on your online account. Playing online, you don’t have to leave your comfortable home, urgent deals or working place.

Today gamblers are not limited by a few payment options only. There’s great variety of payment methods that are widely accepted by casinos in Canada: pay by your bank card, money transfer, use cryptocurrency, e-wallet or mobile payment services.

If you are still thinking which payment method could be most comfortable and beneficial for you – this casino payment guide will help you find a right decision. Our expert team collected and analyzed information about most popular and reliable payment methods. Now you can easily choose a convenient way to pay.


Credit/Debit Cards At Online Casinos

Credit and debit cards are issued by most official banks globally. The card is linked to an actual bank account and allows full-time access to it. To make a payment it's usually enough to enterz bnking numbers mentioned on a card. According to requirements of a payment system, your full name or bank details may be also needed. Some banks may need your phone or e-mail payment verification for your extra security.


While online gambling is legal in most countries, others do not support internet-based casinos and gambling businesses. You can always ask your bank representatives, whether it is allowed to use an issued card to pay for online casino services.In the case a country or a bank of issue doesn't support paying to a gambling service - a card can be temporary blocked or frozen. If you don't have opportunity to find out, whether your bank supports dealing with online casinos - use a separate bank card for the purpuse: in this case your routine life will not suffer while you are waiting for a card unblocked.


How to Get a Credit or Debit Card

Most bank issue credit or deposit cards within a single working day, others may ask you to wait for 1-3 working days. In any case, getting a card won't take long. The process may be faster if you are already a client of a bank, having a cash account or deposit in a bank.

Normally, bank cards are issued after checking your documents like ID, passport, etc. You can check list of required documents in the nearest bank or on its site. Some banks won't require your personal visit - so you can provide scanned copies of docs online and receive a card by mail or carrier.


Pros of using a debit or credit card

  • Most cards are accepted

    No matter where your card was issued and how your bank is called, if your card is not blocked or expired - online payment system will accept that. Another good news: currency of your money won't mean much, it will be converted automatically.

  • 24/7 payment service

    Using a bank card, you can pay online any time you want - there's no need to contact a representative of a bank - the process of payment verification is completely automatized and safe.

  • Immediate proceeding of payments

    If you pay with a card - you save lots of time. Entering card details needs less than a minute, same time is needed for your payment to be proceeded. As a result, you can pay and continue gambling almost immediately.


Cons of Using Debit or Credit Card

  • Risk of computer malware

    The risk of having your card robbed by a hacker is tiny, however, it's existing. Any time you enter your payment details online, it may be caught and used with illegal purpuse. Regular anti-virus check and visiting reliable online services only are reasonable measures to take if you want to keep your money safe.

  • Lack of confidentiality

    Paying with a card may reveal your name and other personal details. Time, date and destination of a payment will also be mentioned in account statement if issued.


E-Wallets At Online Casinos

E-wallets are online cash accounts greatly similar to those you have in a bank. There are wide choice of online electronic wallets to make earning, collecting and spending money online more comfortable and even safer. Unfortunately, not all wallets are suitable for Canadian casinos, however, many are.



How To Get Your Own E-Wallet

There are several popular variations of e-wallets. Don't know which one to prefer? Get the one that your favorite online casino deals with. Be also sure, it's possible to use the wallet legally in your country.

Creating a wallet may take you several minutes: to register on a site-service, to enter some personal or contact data, to set password and to undergo security checks. Some e-wallets like PayPal may require scans of documents like ID or passport screen. Be ready that this type of verification of your documents may take up to several working days: until the process is finished wallet's functions may be limited.


Pros Of Using Your E-Wallet

  • Better safety

    In most cases, there's no need to connect e-wallet to your bank account. In the case your e-wallet is under a threat of internet robbery - your bank cards and accounts can't suffer from that. At the same time, payment systems won't ask you for your wallet's login details and hackers have fewer chances to get them.

  • More confidentiality

    In most cases deposit methods online do not reveal much of your personal data. No name or contact details will be passed to a money-receiver or any third part.

  • Simple processes

    Using e-wallet is easy, fast and simple: all actions are supported with understandable instructions and clues. Popular e-wallets have great clients' support team that is ready to help.


Cons of using an e-wallet

  • Not always supported by a casino

    Not all gambling sites allow e-wallet payments. Some works with a few e-wallets only.

  • Unpleasant fees

    Using an e-wallet may require higher fees, comparing to paying by a bank card.

  • Limited functions

    Most of e-wallets are great deposit methods. However, not all types of e-wallets are same comfortable, when you want to withdraw money you win. Some wallets (like PayPal) can be used both for deposit and withdrawal. Other types (e.g.QIWI) may not support withdrawal function of a casino site. Most of online casino services allow using different ways to deposit and withdraw money. If there's only one option for both paying and receiving your money - try to contact client's support team that may offer you a smart solution.

  • Possible password loss

    The less personal details and contacts an e-wallet service asks, the harder it is to restore access to your online account if you lose or forget your login details. Pay a great attention to save your password. Autosave on your laptop or other device is not enough: it may be stolen or broken. Prefer those e-wallets that do require connection to your phone or e-mail or ask you for your documents scan - in this case it will be easier to prove your identity and to get some useful help from client's support team.


Cryptocurrencies Used As Online Casino Deposit Methods

Cryptocurrency appeared over a decade ago, however, it has started to be widely used for internet purchase only recently. Currently, there are some types of cryptocurrency: some popular types like Bitcoin or Etherum can be used to pay for online casino services.


Basically, there are three types of casinos that deal with cryptocurrency:

  • Exclusive cryptocurrency casinos

    There are casinos created for cryptocurrency holders only. Here no other payment method is accepted.

  • Casinos that accept cryptocurrency as one of main methods

    Gambling here, you may use your cryptocurrency for deposit payment and receive your money bonuses back to your cryptocurrency account.

  • Hybrid casinos

    These casinos usually accept cryptocurrency as a deposit payment, however, won't allow withdrawing money to your crypto-account. In this case, you can use cryptocurrency for a deposit payment, but you shall also mention your credit/deposit card, bank account, e-wallet or other accepted way to receive your bonuses.


How To Get Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

Getting your own crypto-wallet will cost you a minute. Having no centralized bank, cryptocurrency is simple in to use: no need to provide any personal data or documents scans.

You can buy some cryptocurrency online paying by your bank card, mine them (if you know how to) or get some crypto-payment for your own goods or services.


Pros Of Using Cryptocurrency

  • Anti-hacker protection

    Online payments with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency are much safer that those with a card, entering all your bank information online. Hackers can't still your login, password or other details that can be used for robbing your account: you simply won't enter any details on any site.

  • No fees or commission

    Paying with cryptocurrency you pay no fees and no taxes. It's absolutely free to transfer cryptocurrency via inner accounts.

  • No governmental control

    Cryptocurrency is a real solution for those players whose bank freezes money transfer to online casinos or gambling services. Cryptocurrency payments are not controlled by a bank or a country: there's no difference what you purchase or pay for.

  • Full confidentiality

    There's no need to enter any sort of your personal information, while creating a cryptocurrency wallet. As a result, your payment won't be identified or revealed under any condition.


Cons Of Using Cryptocurrency

  • Unstable cryptocurrency value

    Value of cryptocurrency is unstable. It changes fast and often. It is always difficult to predict cost of cryptocoins on your account. Surely, price of cryptocurrency can also rise, bringing more benefits. However, there's always a risk.

  • Lack of control

    All cryptocurrency operations are under your own control. In the case a problem or mistake happen - there's almost no chance to return your money. Same reason attracts fraud sites and services that are created with an aim of cheating: police won't find any details of money receiver out.

  • No password recovery option

    If your password or login is lost there is almost no hope to return you crypto-wallet access.


Casino Mobile Payment Options

Some casinos allow their visitors to pay, using mobile payment option. Nowadays, there are a few mobile services that allow gamblers to pay comfortably via their phones. Most popular are: Zimpler, Boku and PayForIt.



How To Pay Using Your Mobile

There's no need to create extra accounts or to download another app - you can simply choose "to pay via mobile" on your favorite casino site and follow the clues your phone will show.

Payment services will be normally offered automatically. In other cases, you should register your phone number in a chosen mobile payment service by calling your mobile operator or an official representative of a service.


Pros Of Using Mobile Payment Method

  • Always accessible

    Most mobile phone users have their devices around 24/7. Commonly, it's more comfortable to grab a mobile phone, than to search for a bank card or to remember a password to an e-wallet.

  • Extra safety

    Comparing to popular online payment methods, mobile deposit methods give you fewer chances to be robbed by an internet hacker.

  • Additional "self-control"

    Most mobile payment services have their inbuilt or programmed limits. A reminder that your daily limit is reached can stop too passionate gambler from unplanned spends.

  • Confidentiality

    While proceeding a payment, it's usually necessary to enter user's phone number, however, no information like name, surname or bank details is needed.


Cons of using mobile payment method

  • Suitable for several countries only

    Most popular mobile payment services work in certain countries or continents only. While some great services can be used in Europe, they are totally useless for Canada or USA. At the same time, those widely used by Canadian gamblers, may be useless while visiting foreign services.

  • Extra fees

    Usage of mobile payment services may cost you some extra fees. Normally, fees are quite moderate but are still unpleasant.

  • Small deposits

    While daily limits of spends may be a nice treatment from going a bankrupt, some players will difinitely find them irritating.

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