Being one of the most ancient casino games, Baccarat is widely appreciated by players from every corner of the globe. Its popularity in online casinos has reached its popularity in real-life casinos. The reason is obvious – the game is very exciting both for newbies and for the proficient players.

The rules of Baccarat games are simple; anyone can learn them within the shortest timeframes.

The banker deals two cards to you and two to himself. You’ve got a choice to back your hand, the hand of the banker, or a tie. It means that you take control over your hands, and do not rely on dealing a good hand.

For calculating your hand’s value you should add two of your cards together, the last number of the total will be the value. Let’s say, your total is 13, then your hand’s value is 3.

However, playing Baccarat in an online casino is even more exciting than in real casinos. You can play with any speed you wish. Enjoy and play even on the move on your mobile device.

There is also a multi-table game option provided by the best online casinos. It means you can play several games simultaneously.

As you have a chance to play Baccarat online, you do not have to spend money for traveling to a real life casino anymore. What is the reason for choosing the Baccarat casino online?

The reason is very simple; it’s the matter of your comfort! There are no place and time bounds, play it 24/7, from any place you wish, from your office or home, or even on the move. Many of the online casinos offer great mobile apps.

Besides, the majority of reputable online casinos offer free Baccarat option. It means you can gain necessary skills before starting to spend real cash. The sites usually offer a big collection of free Baccarat games, so you can choose something exactly for you according to your tastes and requirements. The technologies allow to update the range of free games constantly, so you can be sure to play newest Baccarat updates and releases.

Modern games do not require downloads, so you can play directly on your desktop or mobile device.

When playing online, you can read the basic information on the game and minimum and maximum bet limits, etc.

Baccarat Games

Baccarat games are represented by a great range of variations. Below you can find information on some of the most popular games from leading providers.

Baccarat Gold. That’s a really golden version of the game from Microgaming. It’s the closest to real casino Baccarat version. It has multiple settings and betting options. The game can be rightly considered as one of the best online versions thanks to its amazing design and user-friendly interface.

The minimum bet here is 5 and the maximum reaches 500. Any gambler can find the bet suitable for him in such a rich range. There is an option of multiple hands bets. You can bet on the Banker Pair or the Player Pair. You can’t bet on both simultaneously, but are entitled to bet on the Tie. You have a chance to lift the card’s corner to see your cards’ rank.

High Limit Baccarat. That’s a game with a simple design, great interface and a wide betting range for Baccarat casinos.

Classic Baccarat. That’s a good version of an old Baccarat. The bet height is optional here. The lowest bet is 1 and the highest one is 300. That’s very good for beginners. There is a High Rollers option, in which the minimum and maximum bets are 5 and 500 respectively. And there is also a VIP betting option for extreme players who adore playing for real money.

Actually, Baccarat versions are pretty similar to each other. In that game, you can bet on various positions, but all the rest is the same. Here you can choose to bet on the banker, the Player, and the Tie, or choose to bet on two of them at a time. However, it’s not recommended betting on Tie. In case that’s your first time to play Baccarat online, you can read the rules of the particular game through the Help button. An online croupier can’t make a mistake, while everything is determined by software actually.

The winnings are notified in that game.

Keep in mind that different online casinos offer multiple Baccarat variations. So depending on the provider and online casino choose the one which is the most suitable for you, for your needs, requirements, and experience.

There are main types of Baccarat games:

Punto Banco. Whether you are in Canada or in any other country, you can find that game in most online casinos. The word “Punto” means “player” and “Banco” is “Bank”.
Chemin de Fer. The player plays the role of a dealer in that game. Or even several players play that role if there are many of them. When the value of a hand is 5, the player can take another card or stand.
Super Pan 9. It’s mostly played in the USA and is not that popular in Canada. The deck is of 36 cards (6-Ace), the players are to be dealt three cards and if they want, they might take one more.
Baccarat en Banque. A popular variant in Europe. It’s played not with two hands, but with three. The rules might be different in various casinos.
Three card Baccarat. Gained its popularity in Asia. 1 deck, 3 cards to deal to both hands and 3 face card is of the highest value.
EZ Baccarat. The difference from Punto Banco is in the payouts of banker’s win.

History Of Baccarat

Well, that card game was invented by King Charles VIII in the 15th century in France, according to one of the versions. That’s a sort of Italian Baccarat, and people all over the world adore it. It was the game of wealthy people. Only in 1980’s the casinos opened that game to the average player. Such a variation, as mini-Baccarat, was offered. This game moves faster than the original one.

The word “baccarat” means zero. According to another version, that game was created by Felix Falgurien, the Italian gambler, who played that game with the Tarot cards.

In hundreds of years, the game came to France and became a game of nobility. French King Louis XIV has forbidden all the gambling, however, Baccarat managed to survive and became even more popular in the underground casinos.

In 1950’s the game came to the USA and is still popular since then. In every real-life casino, there was minimum one Baccarat variation. At last, in 1990’s Baccarat games became a part of online gambling. Can you imagine, that some of the online casinos offer live sessions of the game against the real dealers? It’s now very popular among players from Canada, as well as among players from other countries of the globe.

How To Play Baccarat

Of course, before starting to play any game online, it would be good to learn at least its basic rules. The payouts at that game can be really generous and the game itself can be very exciting. It’s no wonder the game is so popular among Canadians. Remember that your ultimate aim is to hold a hand equal or close to 9. Don’t hold a hand totaling zero.

So, if you want your Baccarat experience to be successful, you should follow these simple tips:

  • Wager on the hand of the banker or on that of a player.
  • A player and the banker receive both two cards face down.
  • After that, the cards are to be turned over. Here you will hear the total value of the hand.
  • If your hand or the hand of the banker reaches eight or nine, these points win the game and it is over.
  • In case a hand of a player equals five or zero points, a player is to be dealt an extra card.
  • However, there are some rules concerning the third extra card. Thus, it can be dealt only in the following cases:
  • The player doesn’t have the eight point card, and the banker has three points.
  • The player doesn’t possess the one, zero, eight or nine point cards, at the same time the banker has four points.
  • The player doesn’t have the six or seven point cards, and the banker has six points.
  • When the banker possesses seven points, the third card cannot be drawn.
  • The banker cannot draw one card if the player didn’t draw a third one.

The winner is the hand that equals or is the closest to nine.

The card values of the Baccarat are as follows:

  • Cards from 2 to 9 equate their digit value.
  • The King, Queen, and Jack are equal to zero.
  • Ace is equal to one.

In order to calculate the total of the hand, you should add their value and see the last digit. For example, if you have 3+8=11, it means the value of your hand is 1. In case you have 7+3=10, it is equal to 0 and is considered to be Baccarat. It should be played with 6 decks, which have to be reshuffled after each hand.

Lots of players can bet at the same table. You can bet on the hand of the player, the hand of the baker, or on a tie.

As to Canadian online casinos, it is usually played with two cards dealt and with a chance of a third card to be drawn.

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