Baccarat Gold

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Baccarat Gold is one of popular variant of this classic card game. It is truly adored by numerous players because of its simplicity and easy interface. New players are able to understand all rules after reading short review or even playing the first gameplay.

This game is opened with all players nevertheless experience and tastes. Such classic option and fast gameplay will suit everyone.

How To Play Baccarat Gold

In the beginning you are required to make bet. It is possible to stake on a victory from different hands: the player, the banker, and even tie. Remember that the hardest party to win is tie, but it has the highest profit. For instance, your odds to win is 8:1 while betting on banker or player wins in 50% of games.

When the bet is made the game will automatically deal cards. Everyone gets 2 cards, but the player has a priority to be first one in dealing. When anyone reaches 8 or 9 points then both hands will stand and the highest one gets the victory. Notice that there are different rules for hands: the banker should stand on 7 points and players will automatically stand with score 6 or 7.

You should know the card values. Everything is the same as in Classic Baccarat:

  • all picture cards and ten are counted as 0;
  • aces are counted as 1;
  • other cards have the same value as it is written (for instance, the 7 means 7, etc).

It is also important to know the 3rd card rules if you want to play Baccarat Gold. As you know all Baccarat games mean dealing 2 cards to players, but in special situations the 3rd one may be dealt. Besides, banker and player has different conditions for this action. Player is allowed to get new card if he has 5 points or under. Banker will have additional card in specific cases:

  • his score is 0, 1, or 2;
  • in general he has 3 points unless player got 8;
  • in general he has 4 points unless player got 0, 1, 8, or 9;
  • in general he has 5 points unless player got 0-3, 8, or 9;
  • in general he has 6 points unless player got 0-5, 8, or 9.
  • Such rules may seem hard to remember, but when you play several times you will get it easily.

Baccarat Gold Gaming Experience

Its main particularity is simplicity in drawing rules. Besides, developers wanted to make the house edge on the player and banker as close as possible. By numerous reasons we cherish Baccarat Gold at topcasinocanda. Its animation is well-done, the sounds are natural, RTP level is high. Thanks to traditional rules in cards everyone will handle the gameplay.

Playing a lot of gameplay we did one conclusion about strategy: you should be concerned on the game and pay attention to average house edge during the gameplay. The main thing is to have a desire to become a winner. There is only one decision in the game: the player need to hit a hand of 5 points. Statistics shows that it will increase your chances for victory.

Should you try Baccarat Gold online? Of course, because players all over the world have numerous reasons to love it. So choose the most attractive place to gamble in our reviews and continue your acquaintance with different types of Baccarat!

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