Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

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Let us guess: you have already played all kinds of Blackjack, but still want to collect desirable 21 points. Besides, you require something new, fresh, and unusual that will differ from classic card games. Then here is a great chance for you to satisfy your needs and play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold.

This game is created using traditional Blackjack rules, but several options will be different. In general The Gold version means that the graphics will be so realistic that you may feel yourself gambling in real casino with live dealer. It requires 8 decks with 52 cards in each one to make the gameplay more exciting and unpredictable.

How To Play Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

General rules in Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are absolutely the same the most players used to know. The main task in gameplay is to collect proper score which would be as close as possible to 21. It is important to make it before your rival make it happen.

So let’s enjoy special rules which will make Atlantic City Blackjack Gold online more interesting and attractive. Here they are:

  • player is able to split cards with the same value for 1, 2, or 3 times in one hand;
  • the dealer rule makes him stand if he has 17 points;
  • each hand with better cards wins dealer and get rewards;
  • if you play with several hands you increase your chances for victory in several times.

If player has a pair of Ten cards value he can also split them. And no matter what card it is: 10 of Jack. After you have split your cards you got 2 hands now and will play them separately. In general it is possible to split until you have 4 hands. Notice, that 2 Aces are not allowed to be split more than once.
The winner will get all chips that were placed. The final sum of reward depends on the amount of players at the table and general bank. Such huge odd may interest everyone who adore adrenaline flowing in blood. If you want to play fair Atlantic City Blackjack Gold you have to choose the most reputable and well-known online casino.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Gaming Experience

The return to player rate is really high and means 99.65% of good results. All you need is to pick up proper playing strategy. The Blackjack pays 3:2 that is impressive and pleasant for winner.

It is good for players that Atlantic City Blackjack Gold has insurance option. What does it mean? Let’s imagine that dealer got one Ace. In this case the player is able to take out his insurance that will save him from lose even if his rival has Blackjack. Another important feature is double down. This button means that player can double his original wager and get additional card for this. As a result he increases own chances for victory and in the best case will win double amount of money. No matter what happens the player has much more advantages to beat the dealer and have all bank in his pocket.

So in this type of Blackjack it is really important to know which brilliant options you have. Sometimes you use insurance, sometimes prefers double down, but become closer to the victory. If you want to feel the real gameplay but not on money you can choose a demo and try your powers. With great knowledge in key and special rules, optimal strategies, and special features you will estimate the quality of the gameplay and make a decision for the future.

Let’s be honest with each other: any Blackjack fan cannot miss such variant of his favorite game. Especially if the gameplay is provided with numerous bonuses for player. So your task is to read more about Atlantic City Blackjack Gold at topcasinocanda and start playing gold game of all times!

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