Do you think that different kinds of lotteries are hallmarks of modern times? No! The history of lotteries is very ancient and goes back centuries. They say that even in Ancient China imperators used the kind of keno game to improve the state budget and even Great Wall of China was built with the help of lottery money.

During the centuries of keno history its rules and principles were improved and changed a bit, but the main corn remained the same. Keno provides the basis for all American and European lotteries.

What is Keno game?

Do you want to enjoy the kind of gambling game, but you don’t like to risk a lot? Keno is the game for you! It is easy and fun to play; it combines elements from bingo and poker and is really exciting. Even earlier it was available almost all over and now you can play it with your tablet or smartphone in Internet. Isn’t it great?

Keno playing area is a big board divided into 80 meshes with relevant number. There is also the special basket with 80 balls in it. During the play round 20 balls are taken off the basket at random and the main goal of keno is to guess right those 20 numbers before they are announced.

Keno online

You can also play keno online – it will be great opportunity to choose your strategy and to practice it. As soon as you feel experienced enough you can take part in keno rounds. In order to do that the players should place the bets and fill keno tickets. Of course, when you play keno online to fill the ticket you should use mouse rather than pen. It is clear that there are no real balls in Internet casinos and the numbers are selected by random number generator but it makes the game worse by no means.

The sum of the best should be relevant to the number of balls you are going to guess right. The limits are different in different casinos – one give the chance to guess maximum 15 balls, others – up to 20. Anyway, the more numbers will be marked, the bigger becomes the bet. What will be after? The balls will be selected at random and if you guess right at one of them – you will get your prize!

Keno Games

Keno games are the games of patience and luck. Of course, it is possible to invent the strategies etc, but really no one could ever influence the fortune in full. And if you want to take the chance with Lady Luck, you are to try to play keno.

There are four basic types of keno games. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Casino keno is the ‘mother’ (or father) of other keno games, the original one. Casino keno can be played anywhere. It can be played with friends or alone, at home or in casino or in special keno dedicated room. It is very much alike lottery, but unlike it there is no need to wait for a week or so to get the results announced.

Online keno. It is just the electronic variant of the traditional keno and as mobile apps and online activities are very popular now keno online won its fans also. It is really mobile and it can be played anywhere – at home, in office, on the way and here in our online casino after you finish reading this article. Online game can be rather simple or have the best graphics and art style. You are the only one to choose what is to your liking. The main advantage of this online keno is that it is quick! Really, it is 20 times quicker than casino keno.

Video keno is something like videopoker or video version of blackjack. Playing it you don’t have to play with other players. You can do it alone when you want.

Free keno is the best type for those who want to join magic keno world. Yes, it is possible to play keno for free without any risk with real money. A lot of online casinos like william hill casino, casumo casino canada or ignition casino give the chance to try your luck without paying anything at the beginning.

Bets and tickets in keno can be various also. Here are the main types you can face.

Standard or Straight Ticket is the simplest way to play keno. In you are the beginner, start with standard ticket. You just choose your numbers and get your prize if you guess them. Some casinos also pay for those who don’t guess any number.

Left/Right or Top/Bottom Ticket means that the player can bet that the majority of number will be located on top/bottom or right/left side of the ticket. Such a ticket means no particular number should be selected.

Even/Odd Ticket works with the same principle as bottom/top ticket, but the player bets that most numbers will be even or odd.

Way Ticket seems to be the most difficult keno bet. But it has its advantages – players have the possibility that isn’t given by standard bet – one should choose sets of numbers within the same ticket. It gives the chance to win small amounts of money in a consistent manner.

King numbers and combination bets. King number is the only one number that player chooses in the whole ticket. Combination bet means placing several standard bets within the same ticket.

Keno History

As it was already mentioned, historians think that keno game is rooted in Ancient China. The lottery like keno was used there for fundraising. More or less official reference of keno is dated 1847 when keno lottery was determined like state lottery of Macao colony. Keno was brought to US by early Chinese emigrants and in 1866 keno became the most popular game in all casinos in Texas.

Keno Prototype

Of course, keno in Ancient China was different. Instead of modern ticket we used to, Chinese played with the help of 120 hieroglyphs. In order to choose certain number, they marked it with the small ink point – slot. This way the player couldn’t change his mind at the eleventh hour. Twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – Emperor of China announced a couple of hieroglyphs chosen at random. Those who had the chosen hieroglyphs marked, won good prize. Keno in China became a sign of good manners.

How to Play Keno

Even it seems that there is nothing to talk about when it concerns playing keno. But nevertheless there are some things to be mentioned and some tips also.

  • Start with buying keno ticket if you play not online keno. Ask about advantages as tickets of different companies suggest different bonuses.
  • Choose the numbers and mark them whether you do it on paper ticket or in online one. Sometimes ‘quick choice’ option is available – it means the number will be selected by computer. It doesn’t influence your chances to win.
  • Determine your bet on the selected numbers and how many games you want to play with them. Of course, you can bet even $1, but the bigger the bet is, the bigger payout you will get.
  • If you play with paper ticket, check if everything is filled in correctly and give your ticket to keno manager.
  • Follow the numbers selected by keno-machine and check those you have marked. Get your prize if the numbers match!
  • Place combination bets, play king number (they were mentioned somewhere above) – make your keno game multifarious!

You are definitely interested in playing keno if you have read down here. Now you know all the rules and tips. Go and do it! You can play keno online right now!  Our online casino invites you to hit the big time!

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