Since its first days the humanity is into easy pickings. And even those who don’t play gambling games will never refuse to get easy money. Of course, it seems magic and more than wonderful to pay small and to get huge amount. Some people buy the lottery ticket just one time and become totally disappointed when nothing is won. Others play lotteries for years and invent own strategies. No one can give the idea receipt – it is impossible to hold the fortune when you want. But it remains the truth – lotteries do well and jackpots are also won. And anyone can win the lottery!

What is lottery?

Lottery is a kind of gambling game in which victory or loss depends on coming out the numbers or their combinations. Lottery can be organized by state or by any private organization that has special accreditation. Some churches (for example protestant ones) take on the role of lottery organizers also. In order to have good changes for winning, you are to play well-tried and certified lotteries and online casinos.

Yes, lottery as well as almost any other part of our life can be found in Internet also. A lot of online casinos like royal vegas casino suggest playing with them different kinds of lotteries. You are just to choose which one is to your liking. Maybe as you are reading these lines?

Lottery Games

As lottery is really the ancient entertainment, it is natural that during its history it was modified and divided into several kinds. All of them have the same gaming principle, but there are still some differences. Let’s look closer at some lottery games.

Draw-Based Lottery Game

The brightest example of draw-based lottery game can be easily found every Sunday on TV. Surely, everyone dropped across those merry and brilliant lottery shows looking for favorite TV program. Those excited and vivacious anchormen decide people’s fates using cylinder full of balls with numbers.

Traditional draw-based lottery game means you are to guess out the number that will be rolled out during draw game before they are rolled out. The number of balls that should be guessed out can be known from the name of the lottery. For example, ‘6/47’ means that 6 numbers should be guessed out anywhere from 1 to 47.

Mini Lottery

Mini lottery has the same gaming principle as traditional lottery. They main difference is that the games are drawing more often, the number of the guessed balls is smaller (for example 5/35) and it means that prospects of success are even higher than in draw-based lottery game.

Everyday Lottery

A lot of players prefer to play lotteries every day and as a consequence there are everyday lotteries. They draw the games twice a day all the week long. The main difference from traditional lottery is that the amount of everyday lottery prize money doesn’t depend on number of players and are mostly fixed.

Momentary Lottery

Here everything is clear from the name of the lottery. You have the ticket and you know the result in seconds. The tickets of momentary lotteries are called scratch cards as it is necessary to scratch top layer to know what is hidden under it. Prize fund of momentary lottery is much smaller than in traditional one, but money can be won oftener and this is good news.

Online Lottery

 As Internet became ingrained in our everyday lives, lotteries became digital also. Online lottery is the traditional game, but with the possibility to buy tickets within any distance sitting at home or in the office. You can choose and buy lottery ticket of any country of the world or join one of thousands online casinos, for example all slots casino or slots like flintstones slot game to play there.

The variety of lottery types gives wonderful possibility to choose something you will like and enjoy and major distribution of online lotteries and online casinos made the choice unbelievable wide.

Lottery History

Gambling history goes back to the time before Christ. Both now and always people were playing gambling games as now and then the world was reigned by those who were rich. And also a lot of historical decisions were made with the help of drawing of lots, lottery. Even the meaning of that lottery is a bit different, the principle is the same – something is done with the help of fortune. For example, civil servants in Ancient Athens were selected with the help of lottery, at random. The lotteries in the conventional sense firstly appeared in Ancient China and Ancient Rome.

Later, in mediaeval Europe, lotteries were very popular and were hold almost in all the countries. Usually they were started by regents in order to improve financial situation of the state. The first lottery with money prize took place in 1530 in Florence and the first number lottery was in 1726 in Netherlands. From the beginning, the arranger of lottery didn’t always gain the upper hand. Sometimes it was even prestige matter for arranger to give a lot of valuable prizes at his own expenses. And when a new lottery system that was invented by Giacomo Casanova gave the arranger the chance to have profit, he was taxed with trickery.

Lotteries were very popular in the grounds of British colonies and they were hold be British kings in order to develop infrastructures. Lottery’s enormous popularity lasted up to the end of 19th century. At that time it was forbidden to play gambling games because a lot of facts of corruption were disclosed. But until the lotteries were cancelled they provided good benefit – there were a lot of schools, churches and hospitals built on lottery money. Later, in the middle of 20th century lotteries became extremely popular again and nowadays their popularity remains unaltered.

Why it was named like this

The word ‘lottery’ was firstly mentioned in 1560. There are two versions about its origin and according to the first one it was taken from Middle Dutch ‘loterje’ and according to the second – from Italian ‘lotto’ that means ‘lot, portion’

How to Play Lottery

It might seem there is nothing special in playing lottery and nothing really depends on you, but everything is in hands of fortune. But still there are some tips and strategies. Let’s inspect some of them.

  • Don’t spend more money than minimal prize of the lottery is. It means that if minimal prize in this certain lottery is $20, don’t throw down more than $20. It appears probable that the more tickets are bought the more chances to win you have, but in reality stress and anxiety will prevent you to listen to your intuition and to make the right choice.
  • Spontaneous luck. Everything you decide to play lottery just choose different spontaneous numbers. Remember – usually people use numbers from 1 to 31 oftener, so numbers started from 32 will bring higher-paid prize if they are guessed out.
  • Persistent sequence. Create the constant set of numbers and bet them every time you play lottery. Be sure – one day your lucky numbers will bring you victory.
  • Combinations of the most frequent numbers. In order to get to know those numbers you are to make the research about the most frequent numbers that appeared in previous games. Write them down and bet on them. Don’t forget to renew your list from time to time.
  • Bet on ‘between numbers’. If you notice that in one game 6 rolled out and in the next one – 8, there is high probability that in the next one 7 will be rolled out.

Anyway, you should remember that it is very difficult to win huge jackpot though it is still possible. The probability to win jackpot in ‘6/45’ lotter is something like 1 to 8 145 060.

Scientifically, the probability of rolling the numbers is strongly proportionate and there are no ideal or absolute winning strategies.

Modern lotteries keep up to the times and can be easily played online. If you want to try your luck, the easiest way to play is to join our online casino. In this case you don’t have to do any additional movement. You can stay at home, wearing your favorite bathrobe or eating cheeseburger. Just make the click with the mouse and try to win! Don’t hesitate! Just remember a very old joke:

  • God, I bet of you, please, help me to win this jackpot!
  • OK, I will
  • God, bet of you and you haven’t helped! What should I do?!
  • Buy the lottery ticket, you silly thing!

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