European Blackjack

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If you like Classic Blackjack then you have to check out your powers in European version. It is absolutely unique and you will understand the reason soon.

While you play European Blackjack the amount of decks may differ from 2 to 8. But all playing cards are the same except joker which is not used there. In general the game has a basis structure as Classic gameplay. There is a withstanding between the player and the dealer where everyone aspires to win.

How To Play European Blackjack

The player’s most desirable goal is to get 21 points (that is also called Blackjack) or the closest score. That’s why he must know the meaning of all cards. The value of cards is traditional:

  • cards from 2 to 9 mean their value;
  • cards from 10 to King mean 10 points;
  • the Ace means 1 or 11.

After all wagers are done then cards are dealt. The dealer gets first card with face-up position. Next 2 cards go to player but in opposite to dealer they lay face-down. And only after customer played his hand, the 3rd card may be dealt to dealer. These particularities are the main features that differ European Blackjack from other variants.

The victory will be in your hands if you have 10 and Ace on your hand. In case the dealer also has Blackjack then the gameplay goes to ‘push’. As a result everyone gets own original wager back. Another possible mode is bust when one side has score 22 and more. If you got such amount of points then you absolutely lose. In case you have score less than 21, there are several ways:

  • hit and get another card to improve own score;
  • stand and retain cards without taking new ones;
  • double down the wager and get additional card;
  • split the hand if there are 2 cards with equal value;
  • use surrender that means refusal of the game and retaining half of prime wager.
  • There are special rules for payout according to its scenario. In general winner gets 1:1, with Insurance bet the amount is 2:1, and Blackjack gives 3:2.

European Blackjack Gaming Experience

European Blackjack gameplay feels so comfortable, because it has traditional animation and settings. The green table, well-known cards, chips, and other details will suit everyone’s mood. Besides, such common view is harmonized with special rules and particularities. The return to player rate is quite high and differs in exact casino. But in average coefficient is more than 97% which is really high in playing cards.

After playing European Blackjack at topcasinocanda we decided that there are several special strategies that can help customer to win. First of all most players try to gamble in conservative way, because the dealer gets only one card in the beginning. Imagine, if he gets 10 points with the first card. In such situation player will know own chances only after getting and counting own 2 cards. As a result it would be quite risky to split cards and giving dealer a chance to get Blackjack quicker than you.

In European Blackjack online it is also a bad idea to double down, because it is possible only with score 9, 10, or 11 and there is no doubling on 11 against a dealer’s 10. When you split cards you should also understand special rules: you can’t do it with 4, 5, or 10-value cards which are not alike. Here is another important particularity: the dealer cannot check for Blackjack, so players may have a risky situation while dealer may get Blackjack.

So we can make a conclusion that European Blackjack requires another playing strategy that is common in classic version. It will make your gameplay more complicated, but quite interesting. So try this amazing card game and you will see that fortune favors the bold!

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