Classic Gold

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No matter what is your gaming level you will like Classic Gold. This game is a variation of Classic Blackjack and has several special features. As traditional one Classic Gold online has a single-deck gameplay with 52 playing cards except jokers. So there is no need to learn a lot about rules to start new gameplay, because the game is simple. Despite its simplicity the process will be really exciting for every high-tempered person.

How To Play Classic Gold

Before the game begins all cards are shuffled. Then it is time to make bet. The wager amount is standard and varies from $1 to $200. The first card goes to dealer with face-up side, then he deals 2 cards for player. If you want to get 3rd card you should click the hit button.

When you play Classic Gold your main goal is to collect 21 points before the dealer does it. In the gameplay all hands get cards and after dealer has 17 points he will stand. This pause means that player can double down on hard points 9-11. But this option is forbidden if you have just split cards. The feature of splitting is available only once on hand. You are able to split one of 2 same cards, for instant 2 Queens.

There is the Insurance option in Classic Gold that ensures the player’s hand from the dealer’s jackpot. But another well-known feature called the Surrender is not available here. The Blackjack consists of 2 cards: one Ace and one 10. Such combination gives you huge 3:2 result. If you get a regular payout it means 1:1 and odds by Insurance gives 2:1.

Classic Gold Gaming Experience

Our experts have played Classic Gold at topcasinocanda and can share interesting results with users. The quality of gameplay is on the highest level because Microgaming is responsible for making software. This company is well-known in online casino industry and did the best with graphics, sounds, and interface. For instance, the game follows all traditional colors and symbols, that guarantee the proper atmosphere to play cards.

Well, there is no additional bonus and progressive jackpots in gameplay, but we value this Classic Gold Blackjack for beautiful graphics, sounds, and cool entertainment. It is really a rare situation when one game is interesting for gamblers of different experience levels.

If you want to learn all Classic Gold rules then try demo version at a reputable online casino. In case you aspire to earn cash then the gameplay for real money is expecting for you!

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