Double Exposure Blackjack

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Have you ever player card game called Zweikartenspiel? Likely everyone will say no because such title is not familiar to most gamblers. But this name is really popular in Germany and was created by Richard A. Epstein. Okay, let’s open all secrets: it is another title of Double Exposure Blackjack. Such variant of well-known classic card game have the same rules with several particularities.

If you are interested in something new and aspire to play your favorite Blackjack at the same time then know more about Richard A. Epstein invitation. There was a small amount of Double Exposure Blackjack fans lately, but you can find this option in numerous online casinos nowadays. It happened because of a great list of Double Exposure Blackjack advantages and benefits.

How To Play Double Exposure Blackjack

In this game dealer gets 2 face-up cards. For player such information is precious, because other Blackjack games open only one cards. So he may pick up more proper strategy and have more chances for victory. To balance the interest in gameplay the payout ratio is smaller and means 1:1 and the tie is always a dealer’s victory.

The game requires 6 standard card decks without jokers and demands to shuffle all cards before each new gameplay. When you play Double Exposure Blackjack your goal is to beat dealer and collect more points than he can. It is important but you shouldn’t get more than 21 points because you will automatically lose.

Here is the full list of rules in Double Exposure Blackjack which differ from classic version:

  • both cards dealer gets in the game will be opened;
  • if player and dealer have equal score then the dealer wins (except the situation with natural Blackjack);
  • player is able to split the same cards only once in the hand.

Also there are several particularities which may differ in Double Exposure according to exact casino. For example, dealer may hit or stand having 17 points, the double option may be available or unavailable after using split features, etc. Such interesting features make the gameplay unique and exciting, so new and experienced gamers do play this version of Blackjack with uncountable pleasure and joy.

Double Exposure Blackjack Gaming Experience

The RTP level is unbelievable high. In is 99.36% in case the player has chosen an optimal gaming strategy. When you decide how to play notice that there are several basic principles in gameplay:

  • dealer may stand if he already has 17 points;
  • player can split hands and get 4 hands at the moment;
  • if you have a pair of Aces you can split the hand again.

Well there is no bonus or jackpots in this game, so several players may be disappointed. We have played Double Exposure Blackjack at topcasinocanda and can make a conclusion that our experts haven’t felt a lack of these options. In opposite to this small disadvantage we found much more benefits. First of all, the design is really pleasant. The table looks great, and all actions are attended by inconspicuous sounds.

Another great thing in this game is its interface and management. Player is able to control his actions with numerous buttons. For instance, you can use deal, hit, stand, split, new bet, rebet, and double actions. Additional settings as removing sounds and having quick game also will be helpful.

So Double Exposure Blackjack online really makes the gamer’s life easier, but the gameplay will be balanced with house edge particularities. So you should make sure your strategy is optimal in this game and be ready to have the great victory. It would be yours very soon!

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