European Roulette

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European Roulette is meant to be popular since its foundation. The game was created with simple rules, beautiful animations, easy dashboard and interface. There is no doubt that you will easily learn how to play and beat the dealer all the time.

Europeans adore this version of Roulette because of numerous reasons. But the most important is their loyalty to traditions and domestic products. They prefer own cars, traditional food, and of course own versions of casino games. In this case the European Roulette is in demand among the peoples from East, West, South, and North parts of Europe.
In general the game is similar to ordinary Roulette and its rules, but there is a special place for special particularities for real fans.

How To Play European Roulette

On the first sight the gameplay in European Roulette is absolutely traditional: the player should make bet with chips, predict the winning field, make the wheel spun, and wait for reward. But everything will be too simple if European Roulette online has no particularity. So it has and not even one.

The bet amount vary from 1 to 10 dollars. It is not too much so even newbie can play European Roulette and do not worry about losing a huge sum of money. From the other point of view such size of wager can bring you great cash if the playing strategy is right. So yes, it is obviously that this version is much similar to French Roulette than American ones. But here is an interesting fact. It includes 37 fields that is for 1 piece less than in classic game. On the one hand, it is a small particularity, but on the other hand, we understand the influence or 37 divisions instead of 38 standard amount on the process of gambling.

Bet types are also unique. Besides well-known inside, outside, and neighbor ones there are additional options. Here is the list of possible bet options:

  • Ranges means the player decided to predict which part of numbers will be winning. It could be upper or lower one, and so on.
  • Pairs or quadrants requires placing chips between numbers.
  • Odd or even is about the ball from up even or odd.
  • Red or black requires choosing which color is closer to you.
  • Single number is the simplest bet when you choose only one number that must win in your opinion.

So only after all bets are done the wheel is going to be spun. In online game player has to click special feature and in land-based casino the dealer handles situation by himself.

European Roulette Gaming Experience

European Roulette at topcasinocanda is highly recommended by our players. There are many reasons for such high mark. First of all our experts admitted the high quality of visual details. The table, the wheel, and even all sections with black and red color are really amazing. Second of all European Roulette is like a piece of fresh air in table games thanks to its numerous unique features.

It is comfortable that all useful information will be displayed on the table. For instance, possible bet types with potential winnings are not a secret. New players are not obligated to learn and repeat all rules if they want to play European Roulette. Such option is really helpful because allows player being ultimately concerned on the gameplay and not be distracted for meaningless details. You can see the hit and cold numbers on the display too.

Notice that this version of Roulette is considered to be a single-zero type, so you can see only one 0 on the wheel. This feature really differs European from American gameplay where players can bet on another section called double zero. As a result the house edge is must lower here (2.7%).

So there is only one fair conclusion: the European Roulette is absolutely worth to be played. It combines different characteristics such as traditions and modern view so players will be satisfied with such qualitative gameplay!

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