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Pontoon Blackjack was created as British version of one of the most world-famous game. Nevertheless its origin this game is popular not only among British people but also abroad. It is based on classic Vingt-et-un that is translated as ‘twenty-one’ and means that desirable score that will bring customer a victory.

Let’s start acquaintance with Pontoon with card values. In general everything looks like in Blackjack so players wouldn’t be twisted. The Ace means 11 or 1, Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings mean 10, and other cards are worth their face value. This is simple to remember, right?

How To Play Pontoon Blackjack

Gamblers may play Pontoon Blackjack with any amount of players starting with 2. But our experts are sure that the most optimal gameplay should contain 5-8 hands. In case 9 and more players are sitting at the table it is possible to mix two card packs together.

Pontoon Blackjack online has own terms in gameplay which you should remember. Here they are:

  • Twist means Hit;
  • Stick means Stand;
  • Buy means Double Down.

And finally the Pontoon option is the equivalent of traditional Blackjack.
As in any version of Blackjack the customer’s goal is to collect 21 points on his hand. He also should do it before bust when dealer got a winning points in cards. After making bets the dealer deals 2 cards to the players with face-down position. If the banker has a Pontoon he gets victory and the next round is drawn. In case banker didn’t get a Pontoon the gameplay continues with player’s turn. He can see his card now and is able to split cards which have equal value. In case he also didn’t collect 21 points he can get more cards up to 5 items. Player is also able to twist to get a new card and do not change his original bet or stick with 15 points on hand. Next turn belongs to banker. He may stick or go bust. If tie occurs then player loses and banker wins.

And here traditional rules of Classic Blackjack are ended. If you aspire to have successful gameplay you must know the following tricks:

  • ‘5 Card Trick’ is a situation when user has 5 cards but his score is less than 21. Thanks to this option he may win the Blackjack with 3 or 4 cards. But of course such combination loses to Pontoon.
  • Blackjack with 3 or 4 cards is a combination that beats all other combinations but not Pontoon and 5 Cards Trick.
  • ‘I’ll by one’ is an action when player doubles his origin wager twice. As a result he gets additional card from dealer. Such opportunity is available numerous times until player collects 5 cards or 21 points.
  • ‘Twist me one’ happens when dealer deals players additional card not affecting his bet. This feature is available until having 5 cards on hand or busting.

Bets are making according to card dealing priority. Then it’s time for Sweet 16 option which depends on the 2 cards the player got in the beginning. As a result a special payout is available when you have such value: 16 or 21 points brings 1:1, Ace pays 1:1, 2 Aces mean 1:1, and the pair of 2 or 7 cards pushes.

Pontoon Blackjack Gaming Experience

Pontoon uses one deck with 52 cards, but this rule is not strict and exact online casino may choose how many decks it will use. Why it is so important? Because the amount of decks influences on the possibility of having ‘5 Card Trick’. As a result the more card decks are in game the more chances for getting this feature.

In addition, players may use additional bonus options to improve own positions. For instance, if player has Pontoon and a 5 card trick in one hand then he will get payment in 2:1.
Pontoon Blackjack at topcasinocanda is highly recommended because of its new and exciting features. It is required to learn this special rules before getting started if you aspire to be successful for the first gameplay.

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