Spanish Blackjack

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The traditional card game Blackjack is international and played all over the world. Smart players in different regions decided to make different variations with specific rules to make gameplay more precious. And Spanish Blackjack proves it.

It is played with 8 decks with 48 cards in each, because four tens are not used. The bets here are the same as in all Blackjack games: you may place wager from $1 to $200.

How To Play Spanish Blackjack

When you play Spanish Blackjack you need to get 21 points to win. Another option is any other amount that is close to such score. In this version of Blackjack Jacks, Queens, and Kings have the same value and are counted as 10.

The dealer gets 2 cards and opens only one of them. If his up-card is 10 or Ace then he need to check his hands for having Blackjack.
If both sides player and dealer have the same results with 21 points, then there is no tie. In Spanish Blackjack online the player’s Blackjack prevails.
In this Blackjack version the surrender option works. It provides you with ability to salvage a bad hand by forfeiting half your bet and do not lose your whole wager. Such features as double down, re-double down, and splitting 3 times are also available. But cards with 10 points such as Jacks, Queens, and Kings are not allowed to split.

Notice, that standard Blackjack strategy wouldn’t be relevant to this gameplay. You should pay attention to those cards which had changed its value and play another role now.

Spanish Blackjack Gaming Experience

The absence of 10 cards is usually under discussion. But such interesting option without tens in deck and special meaning of other cards doesn’t make the gameplay hard to understand but very exciting to play. Nevertheless several customers still believe that such particularity discriminates them against luck. Hardly their position could be right. Yes, the Spanish game is more specific than others but such rules make it more interesting.

It is also important that different hands give different benefits. For instance, a party with 5 cards gives 3:2, if you have 6 cards – then get odds in 2:1. In case you collected 7 cards the payout in 3:1 will be yours.

Besides this mentioned bonus for winner there are more others advantages during the gameplay. So don’t miss a chance to have a pleasant time with Spanish Blackjack at topcasinocanda. We are submitted by this version of Blackjack and recommend players to test it at least once.

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