Webmoney – Deposit Methods

Webmoney is an alternative deposit method with a growing popularity among Canadian gambling sites. The online payment system allows creating several accounts for different currency. Currently, this payment platform allows creating Bitcoin wallets, exchange and use cryptocurrency for online shopping and casino depositing.

Gamblers choose Webmoney to stay confidential and to avoid sharing banking details online. Webmoney is especially popular by gamblers from post-soviet countries. This type of payment may also attract global users by its low fees, comparing to other e-wallets.

What is Webmoney

Webmoney was created in 1998 in Russia. Initially, the service were aimed for citizens of countries of former Soviet Union. However, some years later the platform started to be popular in Europe and lately – worldwide.

Webmoney is attractive by its simple interface, low fees and ability to have several accounts with a uni-reach. Users can simultaneously have their wallets for dollars, euros, Russian rubles, bitcoin, etc. Some popular Canadian casinos allow Webmoney payment.

Webmoney Depositing

It’s quite easy to make Webmoney deposit. First, you shall choose Webmoney as your deposit method. After that, mention amount of money that you’d like to pay.

You’ll be automatically redirected to a Webmoney page. Login and verify the payment. System may also ask you for an extra security check, sending an active link to a connected e-mail. Be sure, you have full access to an e-mail connected to your Webmoney wallet.

It may take some time for money to be delivered to your gambling account. Duration vary from service to service. If you’d like to know time of payment proceeded – check site’s payment information or contact client’s support online personnel.

Withdrawing With Webmoney

You can easily withdraw your winning, transferring them to your Webmoney wallet. Choose Webmoney as a withdrawal method if a gambling site supports that. Mention desirable amount of money you’d like to withdraw and provide ID-code of your wallet on site of Webmoney casino.

Wallet’s ID will be different due to currency you’d like to receive, make sure – you are entering correct ID if you have several accounts for different currencies.

Webmoney Advantages

  • Confidentiality
    Webmoney payments don’t reveal your personal information. You can pay any internet service anonymously.
  • Safety
    Using Webmoney wallet as an alternative payment method: you can avoid entering your credit card’s details on sites that you don’t trust.

Webmoney Disadvantages

  • Fees
    Most of the services offered by Webmoney require extra payment. Fees are low but uncomfortable for those gamblers who deposit and withdraw their winning often.
  • Complicated Verification Process
    Unlike other e-wallets, Webmoney has complicated registration process. After creating an e-wallet, you have to provide scans of your documents, banking details and personal data. Verification process may take up to two working days.
  • Lots of functions
    Webmoney is a multifunctional e-wallet. While lots of functions can be useful for businesses and online specialists, gamblers may find the wallet too complicated.
  • Poor choice of gambling sites
    Webmoney is quite new payment methods for Canadian online casinos. While this method is slowly gaining popularity, most of good sites stay unavailable for Webmoney users.

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