PayPal – Casino Deposit Methods

PayPal is a popular online banking system that is widely used in USA, Canada and range of European countries. Lots of Canadian gambling sites accept PayPal payments and encourage players to use it.

This way of payment is safe, fast and comfortable. It’s more preferable for those players who avoid entering their personal and banking details online and care about staying confidential.

Paypal Overview

PayPal is one of the largest and most trustworthy online payment systems in the world. It started in the USA more than decade ago: since that time PayPal has been preferred over other online payment systems and has kept its leading position in the USA, Canada and part of Europe.

Unlike several other internet systems, PayPal is fully controlled by legislation that guarantees its safety and transparency of all financial actions within the system.

Paypal Depositing

PayPal is widely used for deposit payments in online casinos. You can check the list of available payment methods mentioned on the site before login or registration.

To proceed the deposit PayPal payments, it is enough to choose the PayPal deposit on a casino site and to login to your e-wallet for the payment verification. Normally, a site will identify your payment during some hours. It may also take longer during official holidays and days-off.

US citizens may face some problems depositing money to gambling sites. PayPal wallets operations are controlled by the USA legislation that restricts work of online casinos. In a case a banking system identifies payment as a deposit to a gambling site, money transfer may be denied or frozen. However, these issues are rarely arrisen for Canadian holders.

PayPal Withdrawing

PayPal withdrawal is a comfortable deposit method for all PayPal holders. There are plenty of Canadian casinos that support PayPal deposit payments and money withdrawal. However, there are many that only accept PayPal deposit payments and require to mention another method for withdrawal.

In the case a site supports PayPal withdrawal, it’s enough to enter your PayPal e-wallet ID-number and to verify the process on a gambling site. Normally, money is received during 24 hours after requiered. The process takes more time on Saturday and Sundays and during national holidays.

Advantages of PayPal

  • Comfort
    Paying with PayPal is comfortable: you don’t need to undergo any complicated process: it’s only enough to login your current PayPal e-wallet to verify payment. Your PayPal user’s-cabinet is available from any kind of internet device.
  • Confidentiality
    PayPal payment doesn’t reveal any of your personal details or other information concerning your name, address or banking details. PayPal e-wallet will keep some payment history, however, its safely protected from access of a third part and available for a wallet holder only.
  • Safety
    As known, some hackers or fraud sites may use bank-like online forms to get your payment information. Using PayPal doesn’t require entering your banking details on any internet site. This decrease possible risks of being robbed in internet.
  • Customer service
    PayPal has a helpful customer support team that reacts quickly on complaints and questions. Their help is especially useful for those who have little experience in dealing with internet payments.

Disadvantages of PayPal

  • Legal restrictions
    PayPal is popular online payment system in Canada or USA, however, it doesn’t work fully in some countries. Non-US or non-Canadian citizens may meet some difficulties connecting PayPal to their bank card or account. Other users may find their payment requests canceled as PayPal may froze some deposits to online gambling services in certain countries.
  • Additional fees
    Making a PayPal casino deposit from your account, be ready that a payment may be little higher than expected. PayPal takes some fees for financial procedures.

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