Maestro – Deposit Casino Methods

Maestro is a type of a debit card system. The service is a subsidiary MasterCard project, that is widely known in the world. Many Canadians use Maestro cards for offline and online shopping and for internet casino deposits as well.

Maestro card allows depositing fast and comfortably. The card won’t be accepted by some online casinos, however, currently there are over 100 reliable gambling sites that welcome Maestro card holders.

Maestro Overview

Maestro is a debit service founded in 1992. The project is initiated by MasterCard company that is one of the leading and powerful financial brands of the globe.

Being curated by a MasterCard giant, Maestro cards have gained their popularity quickly. Until now, Maestro card are used by over 15 billions businesses globally and the number keeps growing. Maestro system is used for debit cards only: there are no Maestro credit cards.

Maestro is widely used in Canada and is accepted by many, however, not by all internet sites and services.

Maestro Depositing

Maestro depositing is possible for most sites that accept MasterCard payment. However, if Maestro card is not mentioned among possible payment methods, it’s better to contact client’s support representative. Online consultant will make you understand if casino’s servers can accept and proceed Maestro payments properly. Fortunately, reliable online casino’s have very helpful client’s support team and will answer you within a day or sooner.

Detailed information due to services that can be paid with Maestro card can also be provided by a representative of a bank that issued a card.

To make a deposit using Maestro card is similar to MasterCard or Visa online payment: fill banking details on the form on the site. In most cases, card’s number, expiry date and CVC-code is enough for depositing. Sometimes, data like holder’s name and place of stay is also required.

Normally, Maestro deposit is initialized and proceeded immediately or very fast. It can sometimes take longer during days-off or weekends.

Maestro Withdrawing

To receive a withdrawal, it is usually enough to mention your card number only. In some cases, online casino service may ask you to provide a card holder’s name and surname. It’s restricted to provide other information like: card’s expiry date, CVC-code, etc.

Normally, withdrawal will not take long. Depending on a bank system that a Maestro casino use, money shall be received from some minutes up to several days after withdrawal request.

Some online casinos may not support Maestro withdrawals. Others may not mention this method as separate, regarding it to MasterCard services If you are not sure – contact an online manager or a client’s support representative.

Advantages of Maestro

  • Reliable brand name
    Maestro is controlled by Master Card – world’s best financial system. It guarantees high quality of Maestro services. Currently, Maestro is one of the most trusted names globally.
  • Fast payment
    Payment via bank cards are always fast and comfortable. Many sites accept and proceed Maestro payment immediately or during a short time.
  • Direct dealing
    Unlike dealing with e-wallets or online payment services, you pay directly to a gambling site. It may be extremely important and comfortable in a case of transfer delay or other related issue arrisen.
  • 24/7 support
    In case of a problem you can contact your bank representative by phone or online. Most banks offer 24/7 support to their clients. If your bank doesn’t have a hot line, you can ask help online from bank’s or Maestro service representatives.

Disadvantages of Maestro

  • Bank issues
    Creating an e-wallet will take you a couple of minutes, however, bank cards are not fast to get. If you want to receive a Maestro card to pay for gambling be ready to visit a bank.
  • Withdrawal difficulties
    Most casinos support Maestro deposits. However, there are fewer services that can also offer direct Maestro withdrawals. If your favorite casino can’t transfer your money bonuses to your card directly – you can easily find some online services that will solve the problem. In that case, be ready for extra fees and waiting time.

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