Neteller – Deposit Methods

Neteller is a popular online wallet that is widely used for internet payments. Being popular not only in Canada but also in other world’s countries, Neteller supports 17 popular currencies.

Easy to create and safe to use – e-wallet is an often method to deposit and to withdraw money on gambling sites.

Neteller is preferred by those gamblers who don’t like to reveal their personal or banking data anywhere on the internet. It will also be comfortable for anyone who likes to keep personal funds on their online accounts.

Neteller Overview

Neteller is an online payment system and comfortable e-wallet for those who shop, earn and play online. Created in Britain, Neteller has quickly grown over its native country and is currently used in more than 180 countries of the world.

Nowadays, Neteller offers e-wallets for 17 world’s currencies and, very possibly, soon the number will grow. Solid reputation of Neteller wallets are granted by strong support of Optimal Payment PLC – one of the most trusted financial institution of Britain.

Many leading online casinos and related internet services support Neteller payment method. Perhaps, that’s why more and more Canadians choose Neteller e-wallets for deposits and money withdrawals on gambling sites.

Neteller Depositing

There are plenty of Canadian casinos that accept Neteller payments. To make a deposit, it’s needed to choose Neteller as your desired deposit method and to verify the payment from your Neteller account (e-wallet). Be also ready to login to your Neteller wallet to allow payment.

Normally, Neteller deposit may take a couple of minutes or even hours. In some exceptional cases the process may last longer – up to three working days. Be ready to wait more if you try to deposit on Saturday or Sunday.

Neteller Withdrawing

If a gambling site allows to withdraw your money to your Neteller account – you shall only provide your e-wallet ID and mention a desired amount of money to be transferred.

However, it also happens that site only accepts Neteller deposits, while Neteller withdrawals are not supported. In this case you can choose alternative method or use online services that will receive and re-direct your money to your e-wallet.

In a case you are puzzled or not sure whether you can withdraw your money to your Neteller account – contact site’s client’s support team. Online manager can also advise you best methods to transfer your money to your online account.

Advantages of Neteller

  • Comfort
    Creating your Neteller account won’t take much time. You don’t have to visit a bank or to go elsewhere – get your free e-wallet online.
  • Online safety
    Paying with e-wallet doesn’t need any bank information to be passed. Every time you type your bank information – you are under a thread of a hacker-robbery: that is nearly impossible if you use your Neteller wallet and not your bank card.
  • Trusted brand
    Neteller is a well-known brand with clear reputation. This online payment system is trusted by many online casinos and gamblers.
  • Technical support
    Neteller has great support team. In case of any issues you can ask for help or advice and get a real help.
  • Multinational use
    Neteller is available for use in more than 180 world’s country and 17 different currencies.
  • Confidentiality
    Neteller payment won’t reveal your real name or other personal data.

Disadvantages of Neteller

  • Fees
    Any online payment made with your Nateller e-wallet will cost you some money. Prepare to pay extra fees every time you deposit money to a Neteller casino or transfer it to your bank card.
  • Limits
    First days after registration, you e-wallet functions will be limited. The system will ask you to verify your identity and to provide some personal details that won’t be passed to a third part but will only be used for Neteller inner identification. Normally, identification process takes up to two working days. During this time you won’t be able to pay or to transfer money from your e-wallet account.

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