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Everyone wants to succeed in life and tries to reach that success in different ways. Some people work without letup, others try to create own business or take odd jobs. But everyone will be happy to get additional, so called ‘passive’ income. One of the ways to get such income is sports betting. What is that? – Let’s see in details!

Nowadays sport isn’t just the part of healthy way of life or passion for fans. It can bring some additional money thanks to sports betting. It means placing the bets for sport events which main goal is to gain monetary prize. Sports betting is one of the most popular gambling entertainments of the world.  The bets are placed on different kinds of sports such as football, tennis, rugby and lots of others. But recently this kind of bets are expanded upon other events such as reality shows, political elections, beauty shows etc.

The principle of sport betting game is really simple. It is the kind of wager between player and the opponent – bookmaker’s office or online casino. It goes as following: two teams (A and B) are going to play the football match; player place the bet on winning of A team. If A team wins – the player wins also and gets the payout; if B team wins – the player’s bet loses.

What is bookmaker’s office and how it works?

Bookmaker’s shop is the establishment that organizes the wagers and betting for sport events, and provides set of coefficients for payouts in case the player wins. It means that if player’s bet on A team victory wins, the payout will be paid according to the coefficient that is known from the very beginning. If winning coefficient is 2,0, the player has to multiply his bet by 2, so he knows his payout.

Bookmakers get their income because of margin that is the part of coefficient. Usually it is about 10-15%. Of course, all the bookmakers set coefficients the way to get profit. No one wants to be in loss. Presently there are two types of bookmaker’s offices:

  • Bookmaker’s shops with low margin. These offices try to get as many bets as it is possible, so they will gain their profit thanks to betting turnover. They are loved by professional bettors. But one of the main disadvantages is that these bookmaker’s shops provide short betting line.
  • Fundamental bookmaker’s shops. They have another working principle. These shops earn money because of players’ losses. They provide their clients with good coefficients and good lines and try to deal with newcomers in betting games and don’t like those who do professional betting and know how to do middle.

But today it is impossible to imagine our life without gadgets and Internet, so bookmaker’s offices are now in digital world also. Most sports betting online are the parts of so popular online casinos. Joining our best online casino in Canada you can also place your bets on sport events.

Sports Betting Games

It is really popular to play sports betting. And it isn’t surprising at all – it is the kind of gambling game that brings so much excitement, adrenalin and can bring you money also. But you can also lose; you are to be ready for that. The difference between different sports betting games is just in different kinds of sports and bookmaker’s you are going to wager with. Of course, you can also play online at Spinit casino and offline.

If you are newcomer in sports betting, here it is a kind of test for you. It will help you to understand if there is any sense to deal with betting in sport. So:

  • Try to save that sum of money you can spend for betting without problems. Let it be $400 for example.
  • Divide it into 20 parts. It will be 20 parts of $20.
  • Place 20 bets on different sport events, the betting coefficient should be no less than 2,5.
  • Wait until all the bets are played and put together all the sums you won.

If the result of your betting experiment is at least 20% more than those $400 you started with, you can continue your betting activities. If it is less than $400 or even equal – you aren’t into sports betting. Try to find another gambling game at Casino classicGuts casino or any other casino for your adrenalin.

Sports Betting History

People wagered from ancient times. Of course, first wagers were connected with property. As they say – it is so easy to find wager reason. The prizes for the first wagers were houses, valuables and even wives and children. Later, when people started to use money, everything became easier. But the wagers were single and individual, not mass. It was changed when in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire different kinds of sport became very popular. So that people decided to place bets for fun, on horserace and other sport competitions. According to manuscripts found by archeologists, the first sports betting took place in Ancient Greece in 5th century before Christ.

The leader in sports betting in Middle Ages became Great Britain. Betting on horseracing was very popular there. It seems that the first British bookmaker’s office was organized in 1766 by ex-groomer named Richard Tattesall. It is impressive that this office still exists. It is situated on Piccadilly at Park-Lane and some hippodromes are named after Mr. Tattesall.

Another sports betting heavyweight is Frenchman Pierre Oller. He was an ordinary Paris shopkeeper who left a large footprint on the sands of time. He was the first who introduced the concept of prize fund. In 1872 Pierre Oller opened the first bookmaker’s shop in which different coupons with horseracing results were sold. As soon as all the coupons were sold, prize fund was organized. Of course, Mr. Oller took his money part out of it also. The payout for those who win depended on the amount of sold coupons. This gaming method was named ‘pari mutuel’ and became very popular in France. Everyone gained the upper hand – people had fun playing a new kind of gambling game and Pierre Oller grew rich.

But unlike those who grew rich, a lot of people went into bankruptcy. French government was afraid of disorders and decided to influence the situation with forbidding the gambling games in 1887. But that taboo didn’t last long – in 1888 government decided to take gambling and betting business under its own control and people started placing their bets again.

At the beginning of 20th century bookmaker’s offices reached USA and the first one was opened in Philadelphia and this kind of gambling became very popular all over the US. But though nowadays bookmaker’s offices are popular all over the world, Great Britain is still the leader in this field.

How to play Sports Betting

There are two options to play sports betting – player can place the bet online and offline. In order to place offline bet you have to dress up, go out and travel to the nearest betting shop. There you can place your sport bet using your intuition or special knowledge. It is almost the same process, but excludes dressing up and travelling around the city if you want to place the bet online.

How to win with sports betting?

Of course, no one can give unique receipt and nobody is insured against the loss. But there are some tips that will help you not to lose all your money at once.

  • Be morally ready to loose. In this case won’t bang your head against a brick wall and won’t make any rash acts like spending more money heedlessly.
  • Muster your emotions as they can prevent you to think well.
  • Start studying the theme – you are to learn all the details about the sport event you deal with.
  • Don’t bet all your money at once.
  • Set the rules for your bets. For example, how much you can bet weekly or monthly and never break those rules.

In order to win money with sports betting you are to become bookmaker – to become professional in sport events. Don’t spread yourself too thin betting on many kinds of sports. Choose one or maximum two you are familiar with and start working. Yes, working. You are to watch all the events, remember and analyze all the results. Luckily, nowadays it is possible to find so much information – TV channels, newspapers, plenty of Internet sites. There is no betting at haphazard. Each and every should thought out and analyzed well. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but for those who will make good efforts, the results will be more than pleasant also.

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